-double thumbs up- I will! Thanks Rock!

IT SHOULD BE……I guess we’ll see. have fun~<3


Yeaaahhh. I don’t think anything bad happened but I ended up on the roof and I never really asked about it to anyone.

… I’ll text you five minutes before hand… or something… maybe. How about that?

that works. //gives her a thumbs up

good luck when you do it. DRINK RESPONSIBLY OKAY CALY?


Heh;; I will if that’s a thing I remember.

………………you should probably look into having someone watch over you if that’s how it was last time.


I will, I will… aaaffffter I think one more day of intense staring.

At least.

well whenever you do

you should text me 

so I can save that historical date on my phone


NnnnnnnNNNnnnnn Roooockkkkyyyyyy

What if I just gave it to you would that work too?

nnnnooooope. I’m still on a Monster binge. you don’t have to drink it




guess who got a baby tiger

Pics of it didn’t happen

It’s fucking night time. ill do it later

also have a summer #selfie hair&#8217;s been CHOPPED

also have a summer #selfie hair’s been CHOPPED

guess who got a baby tiger

do you listen to your own music a lot :o?

god no. only when it’s practice or when it’s close to tour season so I can get pumped up and stuff. I listen to a loooot of other music in my downtime.

we’re at the zoo and punchy told me to go to a tiger breeder rather than here to get a tiger