You had plans for singing? 

*tilts head, hopping up onto the counter top beside him*
What made you change them kiddo?

Monster brought me dirt biking a few days ago and it was really cool. He had tricks too!!!! I want to do those…Plus I want to earn lots of money and have Monster Girls to hang out with too. 

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Dirt biker eh? *raises an eyebrow, helping Rocky onto the counter* 

How do you think you’re gonna manage that?

Thank you!~ //settles onto the counter

I’m not sure yet….All of my plans used to be for singing so I’ll have to think about it. I’ll be great at it no matter what so.

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Not really, i heard there was a new lil’ guy around here and i got curious~

Wait— you said Rocky..?
As in..Rockstar..?

//tries to hop onto the counter, but slips

Hmmm„„MHM!!~ Rockstar the world’s next super best dirt biker eheh~ 

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You could always go out and apologize to him later?

I guess;;;;;; this slinky is starting to get boring s o….;;;

I’m Yello~ and you kiddo?

I’m Rocky!!~ MMM…Are you here to see Monster???

//throws slinky into the air and runs over to go catch it



Hey kiddo~ what'cha doin around a place like the Fridge? *kneels down to rocky's height*

//is playing with a slinky

//looks at her

Who are you… ono

I know Monster doesn't want you leaving without him, but there's a lot you haven't explored in the fridge yet, do you think you'll go out again?

I know, I want too…but I don’t want to scare him again…hkjdssjlgd

a bad kingdomer would be an example of unruly-ness

Oh! UMMM…Hmm…someone who does mean things to people on purpose aaannnddd doesn’t share…aaaaannnnddd hits people I think that’s it…?

who would you consider an unruly character?

what’s unruly