//throws on his darkest hoodie and a pair of fingerless leather gloves

//takes a few moments to examine himself in the mirror as if he could actually see himself

//forcefully props open his window, making the glass crack in a few spots

//climbs up, gripping the sides of the window hard and then crouches on the ledge

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You sound deep in thought, what are you thinking about?

I could, but it would be a lot more fun if you didn’t know.

don't drink the snake

I’m not. I’m just watching him.

//hasn’t left his spot on the bed and keeps an eye on his snake

you're making puns at a time like this?

It’s keeping me distracted

most of your plans have failed.

I guess you can say they


//sits on his bed and rests his head on his hand

//his nails dig into his skin, but he doesn’t notice


Find someone else. You’ve done it for what? Almost two weeks now? Like I said, you’ll manage. //gets off the bed and starts putting supplies into his backpack

UuuughhhhhhHHHH. I don’t want to go out though. //sticks his tongue out at Reco

BAh, whatever. Have fun at Kick’s. //hops off the bed and leaves


Not for a while. A few days at the least…You’ll manage. 

I barely took any from you…I’m still hungry kjdfgdjkfgbj